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That question was asked recently of the accusers of Donald Trump. The short answer is yes.
Rolf Harris and Daniel Holtzclaw were both convicted of multiple sex offences. Why are so many people championing the pervert cop while ignoring the ageing entertainer?
Why is Rolf Harris in prison? The two women who set up this website would like to know, and by the time you have worked your way through it, so will you.
Not all historical sex allegations are unworthy of belief, but only if they can be corroborated.
A skeptical look at the alleged crimes of Jimmy Savile.
Have the police overstepped the mark with their so-called investigation of Cliff Richard?
The English legal system was once the finest in the world, but not anymore.
Following Michael Le Vell's acquittal, is there a need to look at the Crown Prosecution Service's decision making?
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