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A commentary on the accusation that the United States is an evil Empire. A comparison to a fighter.
Presentation of Arles, in South France, between Nîmes and Marseille.
The Jewish high priests thought by executing Jesus, they could end his dream of kingdom. King Herod might have thought that would be a good solution to remove his rival for power. The Romans might have thought that by the punishment of Crucifixion they could control the political revo...
I travel back in time to the days of ancient Egypt determined to find the answer to a burning question - what happens when a ghost dies?
Egypt was not independent. It was a client state of Rome. It means that Egypt was part of the Roman Empire. At that time, Egypt had a king or queen, called Cleopatra. Cleopatra was born in 70 BC. She was daughter of the Egyptian Pharaoh. Her father died when she was young. She became ...
A lyrical poem about a persons feeling about their estranged lover and the yearning to be by their side.
I may be Visually Impaired medically known Auditory Hallucination In your eyes but I can see you by mean in any distance Since I fall in love with you I was known total blind.
He was given a credit for keeping the Roman fleet (Romans who attacked Syracuse in 215 B.C) at bay for 3 years using a variety of clever devices.
In the first century of the common era, Rome set out to conquer all the lands that didn't already fall under the Empire's far-reaching control. Among these was Britain, the cold and distant land where Caesar had met great opposition from the savage Celts a century before. With Brita...
A compare contrast of Athens and Sparta. It might not include everything, but is pretty thorough.
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