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And your Good Wishes and your wishes come true ..a new poem surges my sine curve too to 833 levels ..ex weekends low 233 only Dear Pete's sunday is his rest day
HELLO Friends of Loverme I spent almost half a day reading my vast collection and your comments Hence this poem Do join me I bow to all tee
It's your life friends. So live a life as you have no other viable option ...Think not of what others ..said or say live your life your own imitable way
We Must Move On ....Remove pain to reduce suffering..... Lord Buddha's pragmatism
Poetry must be 14 to 19 lines only ...else it becomes history--- prose likely you may Ignore me I only share my experience of over 13 years Listen to me
Romantic poet me..In all my life of about over 6 decades of poetry composition I have come to a single conclusion poetry just comes to those who have emotion sympathy and empathy those who are jealous and hate more can never become poets for sure You must love all poets of neo here ...
As we walk over the bridge of Time...Never look back The bells shall chime and don't sulk without reason or rhyme
Remembering a great love. The one that truly got away.
Life is in itself a long romance some fall into it some rise above
Romancing Birthdays All life is one long romance we all are in search
A wedding anniversary of a couple who tied the knot last Decemeber 12, 2012 recalling their journey in a unique way of their own. (spoiler alert ) Accompanied video are so touching.
Romantic poet lovers We have all been all over the Internet at times one has noticed guys stalk as much as women too so do
Lovely.. sex and romance Life without beauty sex and love not lust is naught ask anyone
Alpha five and Beta 9, a young male and a young female, had been romancing one another for quite sometime now; not on earth, but on the moon.
“Now, just a little further up where we can hear our voices echo and then I’ll reveal what I promised I would”.
A treasurable gem of thoughts from the archive of the author with some sublimal message of personal experience.
An Iambic tetrameter poem, written by the Greek poet G. Venetopoulos
Romantic love emerged in Southern France around A.D. 1100 as part of early medieval humanism. Today, it entirely dominates the popular cultural conversation as it continues to evolve.
The lioness..This is a poem on a devoted loving human being wanting to serve her hubby
Play is one of my favourite tracks, lived out my passion for percussions and kinky phone conversations there. For an audio sample, go here: Men, But Oh Man! is a poem about longing for a former lover.
Romanian! Lover You!T o create poetry you have to keep your eyes and ears open Then words flow as water does down the Thames This is imaginary... visionary and abs poetry
Explaining why some men do not care for cuddling after the fact.
True love, love at first sight, possibly finding your soul mate. The fireworks that explode on that first kiss with that special someone. The magic of that first kiss, as it travels through your body, into your heart and mind...and in the perfect circumstances...into your very soul! P...
Diaries of Lydia. Vol.1 ; "The Next Morning" of the Saga of Lydia continues to Tease you in every way possible "As she becomes more complex and unpredictable"...
They say nothing lasts forever. Everything is momentary, rather like dust in the wind. What about love? Does it last forever, chronicling through changes time brings?
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