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This is just a short review of three famous historical couples in literature and or in history.
Romeo and Juliet...Shakespeare has created immortal lovers.. for all times ...Each time in newer garbs ..We have recently found a new lover boy in Wiki in search of his Juliet This poem is dedicated to him You know who he is?
romeo and juliet... SHAKESPEARE'S shaking story of love since ages for teens to emulate
A book review about the classical novel: Romeo and Juliet, written by the great William Shakespeare.
A visit to Shakespeare's birthplace, the Globe Theatre in London, Patrick Stewart and the plays he acted in together with many famous Shakespearean actors and actresses. Accounts of various plays and details of Shakespeare's writings and influences.
An Ode to anyone who has ever felt that skip in their heartbeat, butterflies in their stomach and the elated sigh we all long for.
A review on Anne Fortier's fantastic novel 'Juliet' which is all about Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
Cast away on a desolate island, passionate, yearning thoughts of his only love...
A summary of the movie, Letters to Juliet and my review on how the movie went. I really liked this movie and I wanted to share to everyone how good of a romance comedy movie it was.
For any budding authors, this is the guide to taking that great idea that won't leave you alone, and turning it into a literary masterpiece in four simple steps.
this is for all who have a wonderful dream with music and dancing maybe a little romance while they are asleep---- and when they awake -- they are faced with reality..
This week the world said goodbye to a true acting great and a special talent. This is a short obituary for Pete Postlethwaite.
This is the essay I wrote a few years ago on comparing the balcony scene in two different versions of the balcony scene from Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.
Such are the feelings of the human heart; genuine for the moment, but fickle in a lifetime.
This article is a plot summary of the play Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare. It is a love story about Romeo and Juliet whose families are enemies.
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