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What is too old when it comes to representing the nation when holding the office of President of the United States? Two of the top candidates in the coming election are over the "official" retirement age for most businesses...including the government. Should they step aside for a yo...
We visited the Queens of England and now we will turn to the only female Prime Minister in the history if British parliament. Canada, and therefore Montreal, share the same in that we have only had one female.
This series will finish with the Queens of England. We will now focus on the reigning Queen of England. Our focus today is on the events of the 1980s and 1990s.
Former Rotheram Council leader Roger Stone's alleged evil deeds have apparently been "twinned" by an American Republican Party activist who shares both his first and last name.
Noam Chomsky, in an interview, has argued that blacks, who were first brought to America as slaves in 1619, have lived very few of those 400 years as free human beings.
After Ronald Reagan was shot in March of 1981, scarcely two months after taking office, Nancy Reagan engaged the services of San Francisco astrologer Joan Quigley.
Evergreen is located in Conecuh County, Alabama and the surrounding hills that encompasses the city are believed to be extremely spiritual and haunted by the people who were once at peace there, but are no longer resting in tranquility. Forty miles of Interstate 65 is considered among...
America needs to stand up to Russia and show them that we are not willing to accept being provoked by warplanes and illegal lkand grabs. We need to reassert our place in the world.
The dark clouds on the horizon are a warning that America is in crisis. God is merciful and full of grace. He wants to save us. He wants to spare us. But he is also a just God and he must eventually answer the call of the innocents for justice. Pray for America.
Margaret Thatcher's philosophy and her actions live on to this day. Her influence was immense.
If I live in Germany, I will never become a German; if I live in Moscow I will never be a Russian and if I live in Mexico I will never be considered a Mexican. But, immigrate to the US and after a period of time, a test and a ceremony you will be welcomed as an American.
I viewed a clip of Bette Davis on the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. She was unbelievably thin, chain-smoking, telling witty stories in a sort of ice-in-your-veins kind of way. Yet, this Bette Davis evolved. She wasn't always a caricature of herself; a typecast kind of villain o...
This is part two of a brief history of how America has now become a fascist, corporate state.
This column is a response to another column written by a political pundit
How advertising has affected people across the world. Big business, international companies, greed and power.
We often hear talk about the war in Iraq, the war on drugs, the coming war with Iran or the final war of Armageddon. The most important modern war is the cultural war that has brought division and decimation to the lives of many Americans.
“All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” said Edmund Burke. How should Christians respond when the government or the courts strike down their liberties? There seems to be a hypersensitive concern for the rights of homosexuals or certain ethnic gr...
Do you know Harrods? It’s a world-famous department store located on Brompton Road, London. Here you can buy almost everything you want.
She was highly respected in her field and the nick name “the Iron Lady” was well deserved.
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