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Have you ever wondered how the pimps earn their living? Do you ever wonder how they are able to live a luxury life? Why do some women willingly allow men to exploit them?
Still trying to help my sons I continue to make matters worse until I hit upon a brilliant plan.
This poem tells how a group of jealous people run down the religions of others. Are you one of them? If you are, it shows you are not sure of your own religion.
I just purchased three bantam Dorking chickens and want to tell you all about them. Learn more about Dorking chickens.
It might surprise some people to know that chickens make excellent pets. Certain breeds are very friendly, and hens will lay eggs. If let loose in your yard they will also make a point of eating bugs. Learn more about keeping chickens as pets.
Some people will tell you that chicken eggs are a chicken's abortions, or they are a chickens “period”. They might also tell you that eggs are chicken fetuses. This is to try to scare you off eating eggs. None of these things are true, read why.
My wife and I do not own a dog, although both have had lots of experience with dogs. Since moving to the country we have had a different pet, one that many people might not have considered. Yes, Chickens make better pets than dogs. Let us compare owning of a pet dog to owning pet c...
Raising baby chicks is fun and very easy with just a few basic guidelines.
When my wife and I moved to the country one of the pets we acquired were chickens... although some folks do eat them, but ours soon became treasured pets. These are one of the most environmentally friendly pets and everyone should keep a few.
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