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We lead busy lives and in today's world that is unavoidable. Do you ever take the time to think about what you leave behind? Do you prepare things so as to leave the best of what you have to your loved ones? Take a moment and reflect. What's your legacy?
It difficult to feed water to plants and crops by special technique evaluating water by Roots Up has designed a greenhouse for use in hot, dry climates that collects dew for irrigating the crops inside.
A cup of reed roots able to heal some kidney diseases and problem of urine.
This article is about the tips that I am taking while learning my family history.
Today in our midst honour killings still rear its ugly head. This piece is a back grounder to shed light on how this ancient practice gains its foothold in some countries.
Bistort is a medicinal herb that is also known as snakeweed , snakeroot, pink pokers or meadow bistort. This herb is native to the Iberian Peninsula, Central Europe, Turkey.
A story that could only be told by Mark. Through his story we get a glimpse of who this man is, his likes and dislikes and where his roots began. He briefly touches on his big car accident in 1972 which took the life of his 15 year old brother and it nearly ended his life as well. Two...
No body will believe it that Gold rises on Eucalyptus trees, according to World Gold council it is true that Australian researchers find that gold is rising on Eucalyptus trees.
Researchers have found that new teeth can be grown from own gums, the advance system to reinstate missing teeth with new bioengineered teeth
A trip to find my roots and discover the land of my grandparents.
Find out what it takes to be a successful writer, with the concept of planting your roots in the water. Many writers attempt to survive on their own, and make a modest attempt at thriving, but do not learn the true skills needed to thrive in their environment.
I remembered Great Aunt Rose when someone was talking about growing things from seed the other day.
This story is kind of mini but I thought it was pretty good. A girl had just been through a battle and lost all of her comrades.
A new born child will turn to light immediately and instinctively, fostering and adjusting to its new found environment, as well. Reiterated, using the air to breath in oxygen, we nourish our blood while releasing carbon dioxide for plants to uptake as their life sustaining breath.
A random thought which popped into my head the other day. As a strong woman (in my opinion), I am much like the maple tree which stands in my front yard. That may sound a little strange, but read on and you too will see the similarity.
We grow unseen roots, like those of trees; but not all of us choose the land in which we are planted, only the fruits are ours.
How to find and grow a pickled onion bush with tips. A great idea for April the first.
I pray for the eternal world peace. All of you are my soulmates.
~mosaic crimson desert glow~halo~Mister Mojo~errors of great men are venerable~more fruitful than truths of little men~ Nietzsche~I’m not your executioner~I’m not your devil & I’m not your god~I’m Charles Manson~her woods, her wilds, her mountains~Poe~
~tympany of armor~whisper leaves click~roots of dawn~dinosaurs and ants~devour us~give birth our children~God-brain consciousness~chaos~catastrophe~stasis~reduced mobility~mordidity~ metamorphisis~blood on blood definition~diseased to survive~destined to breed out~
~damned to be rabid dog bitten~the twisted vein at the business end of a needle~molested by your older sister~alone in the bathtub~alone in the room~cryptococcus in the tomb~c’mon l’il girl~got somethin’ for ya~
The water, food and minerals are carried by the strings and the veins. Other kind of tube called Phloem also carries sugar from the leaves to different parts of the plant.
The main parts of a plant are the roots, stems, and leaves. Each part has its own function. The structure of each part enables it to perform its function.
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