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Rosy –me –Poetry A Special request sent to me...O poet lover you must be tell me how you feel..when no one reads thee!
Cry of the weaklings Those who only weep on others shoulders fall in this category
Lovely O ROSE nothing stupid about a lovely ROSE I and all good ones suppose
I am a rose of rose hope all on Wikinut do suppose .Thanks for enjoying the fragrance of this rose
Rose plants need fertilizing. They need to be in the right depth of hole, but above anything else, the beautiful rose needs to be in the optimum place to get nourished and continue to flower.
A lover called Rose..As by now al know me as LM... a LOVELY ROSE I AM..and shall always be come may many a bee! they can't sting me
Thorn of rose We all are lovely roses some ones say silly stupid They know not what real roses are
Roses are the real flowers which are sincere and true not anything else we all know..Some one wrote he saw a rose ...was weeping on the snow
ROSE...That thou so thinkest so we all love roses... as a symbol of humanity... as it is the only flower which lasts for ever and ever....
Remember the Rose....My symbol of Life---- is a Rose as an immortal one anonymity never dies... It lives on like a rose ..Loverme ......yet unknown to any and so shall ever be
Roses are red but they can be tricky to grow. Here's how to keep your roses blooming all summer long.
Have you ever wanted to grow roses? Maybe you have wanted to but you're not sure how to get started. Well did you know you can grow roses from rose stems? It's true! Find out how to plant these beautiful flowers in your own backyard.
It comes at night... A short short submitted as part of Uni studies.
Some people love to speak in whispers ..I am zeroly deaf I have to yell hear my own voice. S o why whisper I ask all....
The chestnuts are in full flower with white candles and sycamores sound with bees, Grass is knee deep and full of wild beautiful flowers the old dog rose climbs a post,
The wild rose watches nature unfold its beauty and its harshness.
This off the cuff poem has been off the cuff posted on one of my dear poets wall.I shall fair it later on IF PEOPLE RECALL...
Having made perfume from rose petals last spring, my daughter and I decided to make a jam from the remainder of the petals. Many varieties of roses are edible and can be used in different forms in the kitchen and this simple recipe is just one of them.
Here are some poems about dragons, roses and the meaning of life.
I am overwhelmed,with ecstatic joy,on three sites now,by poets who have composed poems on me.
Iam a born naturalised rosy poet.Once upon a time i was only posting poems on yahoo till someone guided me to various sites.Now i am on triond neopoet and wikinut too A Rose by birth I am.
The only flower that never dies is a rose. It fades and in books as book -mark it stays as a memory to last a life time and nostalgically as we recall the past
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