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Cry of the weaklings Those who only weep on others shoulders fall in this category
Rosemary is used internally for problems of the digestive tract, particularly bloating and cramps; it also stimulates the appetite and promotes digestion.
Review of ingredients of colloidal formula Anti Oxidant(AD Medicine, LLC) and when and how to use it.
As we gaze through pages of history there are many who have made their mark and then fallen, kings, emperors and such like. We still have those who place their mark destroying thousands of lives...over and over again.
Winter squash is available from August through March, and include several varieties. They are good for you and delicious when prepared with simple ingredients and stored properly.
The Herbal medicine is holistic and reliable. Specifically, it works to cure the whole human body instead of simply removing a symptom, as does in the conventional medicine.
Short list and description what is needed to eat to gain energy and help our body in every day activity.
Rosemary is a herb that has many medicinal and therapeutic effects. Rosemary helps to fight against infections and inflammations. It is also used to relieve respiratory disorders. This herb is also used in cooking, to make cosmetic items and in herbal beverages. Image Credit - Wikipe...
The Rose that grew and I the only Rose, which has matured , create a passion through our words.
This off the cuff poem has been off the cuff posted on one of my dear poets wall.I shall fair it later on IF PEOPLE RECALL...
Being in touch with nature, with plants and trees is a wonder filled happening. It soothes the mind, balances the emotions and brings joy to the heart. Spring, summer and the ending.
Just being here now, just knowing oneself, just Being...
A fascinating article covering the history, ancient lore and beliefs regarding herbs, their aphrodisiacal properties, medicinal and culinary uses. A sweet, somewhat different perception of some well-known and much loved herbs. The Ancient and Modern Uses, Virtues, Delights an...
Cooking Rice does not have to be boring, jazz it up, make Rice Florentine !
Description of my imaginary garden replete with flowers whose names have meaning.
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