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Fed up with your routine? Have a look on your daily life and see what you could do differently.
We don't have to wait for shops, restaurants or spas to remind us that we ought to break routine and to care for our other half.
Life is too short to keep craving for weekends to arrive.
Life is for the brave ones to face the new and the unknown.
It is common knowledge that a healthy diet combined with exercise are important for a better quality of life attitudes. Besides these, research indicates that you can adopt other simpler ways to further promote your health
Is it possible to have workout done with good results in just 5 minutes? The answer is YES. Keep reading, and start to invest 5 minutes every day to realize a great mood and health improvement.
Children do not come with an Owner's Manual. However, there are some basic principles that if employed, will help in raising more secure and confident children. This article explores two basic principles which provide the foundation for the others.
How often do you find yourself drifting off and drive past your street or exit on the motorway? oh oh oh...then on a magic journey you do go or is it just a thought you followed and got lost.....
The old man is about to die after having spent part of his life in a prison cell.
I will chronicle my colonoscopy procedure to relieve your fears. Today's colonoscopy procedure is designed for maximum comfort and minimal, if any, side effects.
What can you do when love turns so routine between you and the one you love?
Getting out of life’s mundane routine is never easy. But tiny life adjustments can turn into a powerful avalanche of change.
Walking is essential and we don't care more about walking if we are in .....
Sleep is a blessing of nature. Everyone has to sleep to refresh his body and mind. Children of the modern days are affected very much because of sleeping disorders due to the lifestyle changes. If these disorders develop as chronic, they may end in fatal consequences. Here are some ti...
this article will easily demonstrate how I lost 10 lbs and about 4 inches off my belly in only a matter of 6 weeks with little to no change in diet.
This page is about having break from our routine life to get fun and enjoyment
When we enjoy what we are doing concentration becomes effortless and you dont even realise or feel tired. Energy is the currency of life and without it there is simply no life.A range of strategies covering diet,exercise and some practical and impartial psycho analysis can definitely ...
This article was inspired by a day I spent at the zoo with my kids.
I believe that we often get too complacent in our old routines and miss out on exciting new possibilities.
Sometimes our lives get fall into such a miserable rut that it becomes a struggle just to get through the drudgery of each day.
One of the easiest and quickest ways to reduce your stress as a parent is to say know when to say no to your child. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and you feel like you are drowning in activities.
Describing the need for Autistic children to have a schedule and the best method of adhering to it.
In his struggles with The Anti-pork League, George comes out on top!
In today's fast-paced world nobody has enough time. I collect some really useful tips how can you save time.
Our lives are filled with necessary daily tasks, that must be done, but are we overloading ourselves to the point of being discontented?
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