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As hard as I have tried to adjust my daughter to not having a routine to allow things to be done at the spur of the moment I have found that we have a routine we never realized.
Today promises to be better than yesterday. It started off oddly early with an interruption to sleep coming in the middle of the night but I'm sure that the rest will be positive.
The new year is slowly ticking by. It is time to look at your regular routines and re-establish those that work for you.
Here is my public diary for consumption and critique. I hope you enjoy reading it.
Routines are crucial for completing chores (or any "to do list") in a timely, efficient manner; however, the biggest benefit comes when we see how these routines help our relationships, our problem-solving, and our sanity.
To change the common things we are doing alongside with others, we have to switch thinking to the uncommon or just think illogical opposite what we have learned throughout our life.
Emphasis on the routines to be followed also differ. Cleaning is the most important aspect of skin care. It is undertaken primarily to remove stale make up, clean the skin pores and ex-foliate the dead cells which otherwise cause blockages on the skin's surface.
It's always good to have back up plans because no matter how you plan your day you just never know.
Normal is a word often overused since the definition of normal truly depends on who you would ask on any given day.
Life is a struggle, no way around it. There are times when we go through are days merely on instinct and function strictly on routines. It is a delicate balance but somehow we make it through the day even if auto pilot is the only way we function.
A diagnosis of Autism for your child means the rules change and nothing is black and white or crystal clear anymore. Each day is filled with tiny battles that can change the outcome of the war. Choosing battles carefully is vital to ending the day with your sanity in tact.
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