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n 1297 the Grimaldis who had been forced from their castle home, Monaco by their rivals, the Spinola family, later entered into some teritorial alliances, that would enable them to take back Monaco forcibly. It was the turn of the Spinola family, to be bannished from the City. This i...
Royal Blood isn't purple...All human blood is red till we all are dead Ask any doctor if you don't believe me.
The man whom I have loved since I was eight finally turns away as I realize I may never be able to prove the identity of my real father. And yet I love again!!!
As the newspeople waited with anticipation on the news of the royal birth, news came through that its a Boy
The royal baby is a boy, that was the news last night as the royal family brought to the world the third in line to the throne
Tracking the birth of the royal baby with a Marshall McLuhan media sensibility.
Seems like the only thing that has changed in the Obama White House is the number of people working there. The optimist would say at least he's creating jobs.
Who is really to blame for this tragedy! Who was there to console, Jacintha Saldanha, this diligent hard working nurse in her hour of need?
This is a novel based on a true story. It as written by Jean Sasson. Its page count is 304. This is a biography of a Saudi women who is unable to express herself to world and that is why she takes help of a writer friend to demonstrate her story. the popularity of novel can be estimat...
I'm told I can't get enough of the Royal Family...
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
A last look at the origins of our last names, from the most common to the almost lost, this time it's the Royals and the Religion's that gets the treatment.
H.M. the Queen has announced that we are all invited to lunch on Sunday 3rd June 2012. Stop! Before you go mad and book the top hat and tails, this is lunch with a difference, we are eating on our home turf, our streets, houses, community centres, everyone getting together for that "B...
Isn't it just so funny, when no sooner an epic event, joyous or grief laden, draws to a close, and the humor and satire follows in it's wake lightning fast! This is an attempt at saluting those Kings and Queens of mirth, who dominate the realm of the "stand-up-comedians of the world, ...
The Poet Here.A poet has been asked by most readers to send his poems, to the newly married couple .This is a suggestion as to how he could achieve it.
Street parties will be held all over the U.K in honour of the Royal Wedding. Here is my poetry offering.
This is a poem for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the royal wedding is only on friday and i was inspired by the support and celebrations that England is preparing, Even America is excited!
The article narrates the story of ice cream--its place in royal families and how it evolved and developed further.
Prince William is ideally suited to assume the throne.
The Royal Wedding will be upon us soon, A level headed couple are getting married and are a cause for celebration in the UK and all over the world
This is the heart of Thailand, the region where the original Thais first settled attracted here by the extraordinary fertile land to be found on either side of the Chao Phya River and its tributaries. Much of Thailand’s early history was focused on this “basin,” with successive...
This would be an honor for Kate Middleton. Girls 'normalizes, will enjoy his first moments as a nobleman while riding a horse-drawn carriage which was also used last-in-law in 1981.
Wow, My Invitation To the Royal Marriage. They rung up my secretary, so to say my poems all against only one permitted,have been or will be or may be accepted. The Queen will read out my poem speech, I wrote for her
While we should all wish Prince William, and his soon to be bride, every happiness,we ought not to disrespect Prince Charles by suggesting that the succession should skip a generation.
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