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n 1297 the Grimaldis who had been forced from their castle home, Monaco by their rivals, the Spinola family, later entered into some teritorial alliances, that would enable them to take back Monaco forcibly. It was the turn of the Spinola family, to be bannished from the City. This i...
Touring the Reggia of Caserta, the XVIIIth century Royal Palace of the Bourbons.
In front of Chaktomuk River is the magnificent golden temple— it is the Royal Palace of the Kingdom of Wonder. If you walk along the tourist street Sothearos Blvd. at riverside in Phnom Penh, a huge temple will capture your eyes.
Royal Blood isn't purple...All human blood is red till we all are dead Ask any doctor if you don't believe me.
Isn't it just so funny, when no sooner an epic event, joyous or grief laden, draws to a close, and the humor and satire follows in it's wake lightning fast! This is an attempt at saluting those Kings and Queens of mirth, who dominate the realm of the "stand-up-comedians of the world, ...
The Poet Here.A poet has been asked by most readers to send his poems, to the newly married couple .This is a suggestion as to how he could achieve it.
The Tower of London is one of top places to visit in London and there are many hotels near Tower of London. The Tower of London tour highlights are Bloody Tower, the White Tower, tower bridge, hotels near tower bridge, Queen's House, crown jewels and Thames river, etc.
Wow, My Invitation To the Royal Marriage. They rung up my secretary, so to say my poems all against only one permitted,have been or will be or may be accepted. The Queen will read out my poem speech, I wrote for her
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