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n 1297 the Grimaldis who had been forced from their castle home, Monaco by their rivals, the Spinola family, later entered into some teritorial alliances, that would enable them to take back Monaco forcibly. It was the turn of the Spinola family, to be bannished from the City. This i...
We're at a public event on a bridge. And just below us, the queen will soon pass. There she is! Lovely. Well, now that that's all over and done with, it's time to go have dinner.
And then came Leo. He was different in color and in personality. He was quite the royal feline and lorded it over me when I was on the computer. He looks nothing like the image that comes to mind when one reads the name, but I named him Leo because of that royal attitude and his be...
Princess is our faithful pet.She is caring and lovable that she has become a faithful member in our house hold.She demands love and affection from every member of the household. similarly she gives love and affection in return..She is very much careful about her duties in the eve...
The Biography Channel dug deep, giving viewers a behind the scenes glimpse into the world of the rich and famous with episodes featuring videos and biographies of stars who have experienced ghost sightings and other paranormal activity. New episodes with personal accounts are offered ...
Royal Blood isn't purple...All human blood is red till we all are dead Ask any doctor if you don't believe me.
I try to explain and analyse the Syrian situation to give a clear opinion who are not aware of the Syrian situation.
As the newspeople waited with anticipation on the news of the royal birth, news came through that its a Boy
According to "The Secret" if you ask for something the universe will make it happen, however I realized the universe can make mistakes. This is a true story of a trip to Vancouver, and a heart attack.
Sacred atmosphere surrounding the hall. When the nine dancers entered the hall, the atmosphere feels more powerful mystical. Every movement of the dancers depict the softness and the majesty of Javanese women ..
Pearls are different from gemstones in many ways. For example, pearls come from beneath water, whereas gemstones come from beneath the earth.
A last look at the origins of our last names, from the most common to the almost lost, this time it's the Royals and the Religion's that gets the treatment.
This is an exercise I once did that is to describe the colour blue without using the words blue or colour.
Isn't it just so funny, when no sooner an epic event, joyous or grief laden, draws to a close, and the humor and satire follows in it's wake lightning fast! This is an attempt at saluting those Kings and Queens of mirth, who dominate the realm of the "stand-up-comedians of the world, ...
The Poet Here.A poet has been asked by most readers to send his poems, to the newly married couple .This is a suggestion as to how he could achieve it.
This is my simple contribution in light poetry form to celebrate the Royal Wedding Day.
Street parties will be held all over the U.K in honour of the Royal Wedding. Here is my poetry offering.
This is a poem for Prince William and Kate Middleton, the royal wedding is only on friday and i was inspired by the support and celebrations that England is preparing, Even America is excited!
Kate, I have everything I need in my life but without you my life means nothing.
Wow, My Invitation To the Royal Marriage. They rung up my secretary, so to say my poems all against only one permitted,have been or will be or may be accepted. The Queen will read out my poem speech, I wrote for her
The story as far as time goes, is really about a painting which has been hung on the wall for a long time in the Dukes house. My last Duchess is the admiration of a priceless painting, where beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
this is an essay that I wrote back in freshman year in my english 1 class.
The Queen suddenly decided to go and see a movie without much fanfare.So she summoned her hubby, to get ready quickly and they went for that movie.
Drumheller is located in South Eastern Alberta, Canada, (1.5 hours NE of Calgary). The area is known as the Badlands, famous for the many dinosaur bones discovered in the area, it also features some interesting tourist stops. Plan your trip to Drumheller to see these Tourist Attract...
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