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The world's first cars had iron wheels. These made a horrible sound as they moved along the road. Later on, Frenchman Andre Michelin had an idea: he put the wheels in pneumatic tyres (filled with air and made of rubber). The noise as well shaking stopped causing amazement. That happan...
These small, yellow, rubber toy which usually seen enduring a quick journey around the bathtub have unexpectedly revolutionized mankind of the ocean's knowledge.
A tribute to one of the greatest wicket-keepers who ruled the roost.
Nine year old Meme is lost and in a desperate attempt not to scare her four year old brother she turns the tragedy into a game.
After knocking the motorcycle driver down, the car driver showed no interest in him, but was only concered with possible damage to his car.
Technological innovations could be beneficial to us. It makes our life easier and comfortable. With the modern things around us, we experience modern living, a way of life which was never experience by the older generations.
In the history, the British government hired Henry Wickham to transport seeds of the tree from Brazil to England. Those seeds were germinated and the seedlings were shipped to Ceylon, Malaysia and Singapore.
Fire is a destructive force that burns up and destroys everything that it touches. Fire can destroy lives, homes, businesses, schools, property, and dreams or hopes of a family, community or individual. Fire and fire extinguishing agents are defined into four different classifications...
20 funny uses for rubber bands. Bringing the fun in ordinary life.
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