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A glimpse to a global sports superstar - Jonah Lomu and the farewell salute to fit to his final journey on after life. The emotional public rite was so emotional that one could only be awed in fascination by both the surrealism, fervor and sports heroism both into by the man and the ...
"You can't wear shirts like that. It shows your (fat) stomache too much!" This is Petros' first words to me as I arrive at the breakfast table, all dressed up and ready for our day trip to Bloemfontein.
Old Rugby players never die or give up, they just go on and go on facing each life's new challenges with a renewed effort.
The 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand is now under way.
A look at the annual Tri Nations Rugby tournament played between the three powerhouses of Southern Hemisphere Rugby Union, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.
Football is a great game, played across the world, by people of all creeds and colours, all religions, all classes. For some it is a religion, the religion. One fact there are more than two million people support Manchester United from every corner of the world, yet the vast majority ...
The death of a family member necessitates a trip back to Durban, as well as a voyage of a more personal kind...
During the match, 3 Touchdowns, 2 for England by Ashton, 1 for Wales by Stoddart. There had 8 penalties, 4 for England and 4 for Wales. There had 2 Yellow Card, 1 for England and 1 for Wales. England wins against Wales 26 - 19.
Have you ever appreciated the wrinkled shell of a walnut? I do. In fact, I love the shell for its form and texture more than I do the delicious nut it contains.
You're going to jack in your career to become an athlete and rake in the millions, well here's how best to choose your noble proffession.
A look at line Technology in the “Beautiful Game". Why hasn't it been used before, and will it ever become popular?
BetWize offers many services including one of the biggest available sites with odds on major sports and events. Bets are accepted on all sports and we offer a comprehensive market for exotic bets as well. Betwize also provides a platform for in-running markets and live betting giving ...
Wagner College Rugby Team games in 2008 Fall season.
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