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This article is a small thought about the realization that must dawn on every human some day!
Perhaps one of the most well-known Verses in Our Creator's Wonderful Book of Teaching on Life and Love is the one that says ~ God so loved 'the world' ~ that He gave His only Son ~ so that whoever would BELIEVE IN HIM ~ should not perish ~ but have everlasting life. This is found i...
One of the painful parts about moderating submissions on Wikinut is the inability to fix, or put a red squiggly line under, the errors that people make, yet there are occasions when there are too many basic errors in a single article, which drives the need to write content about bette...
Jaywriting,an authorism coined by me is akin to jaywalking and should be avoided. Please read the guidelines.
It is difficult to control traffic on roads in Bangalore, the authorities are introduced cardboard traffic at some places on trail run basis
The terms "rulership", "detriment", "exaltation", and "fall" are given to the planets when they occupy certain signs of the zodiac. This system of categorizing planets according to the signs where they are comfortable and the signs where they are less than comfortable has been around ...
The second coming of our Lord will mark a contrast in the turning point of time, faith on earth will have gone through a time of severe testing, and only those who endure to the end shall be save.
Men are really helpless near Women sometimes as they do not understand many things but men wish they could understand certain rules we wish they would know.
A pencil with this micro-compact gadget will allow you to draw lines as if you would use ruler.
When anyone gets power, political power to be definite, he wants to relish it and retain it. He cannot be happy with any form of views from others, free thinking and democracy. He considers that he knows each and everything, and that he knows better than any other person. This is the ...
Do you dread hearing the words 'Water fight'? If you don't like them because of the dullness, or because of the injuries suffered this article gives you a few ways of making them a bit more manageable or giving the idea a twist for some more fun.
You've seen a church you wish to get married in? Be sure to check that you can before you start to plan the big day. English churches have strict rules and it's nt the same as choosing a venue.
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