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Parenting is not easy, but it can be an enjoyable experience. Parenting can turn out be a great journey for you and your child if you are loving, patient, kind, caring and considerate.
This opinion piece gives my ideas about the impersonal nature of laws, such as the Karmic Law. Controversially, I am saying here that this is not true at all. Every single law, including here even physical laws, are personal, and fitted to you personally by your own soul. Jesus Ch...
Knowing these basic rules, one will know when one is in front of a paella to remember or just mere crap.
When comparing the procedures which are to lead to the biggest bilateral trade agreement ever negotiated, the weaknesses of the ever evolving European Union appear blatantly. They resound the fear of those who see in the prospective Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership a pot...
Whether so called ecologists or defenders to animals want to admit it or not, bull fighting isn't worse than making goose liver foie grass or trying to haunt a hare to beat till it dies.
It´s nothing wrong with using one´s fingers or even one´s hands to better enjoy few plates of tapas over the counter.
There are many rules to encourage students in learning. Teachers should try to find the most convenient way to make students become more active in learning.
Driving with a traffic sense is the basic necessity to avoid accidents. But either due to ignorance or not willing to follow the same makes it a nightmare in driving in Indian roads,
No one is an island and sharing a flat or a house will definitely help us in many ways.
This page is a few things you can do for your kids to make homework fun and exciting for those children that don't like homework.
There are times that we don't need to use many ressources on the very small things that don't matter, but we need to get them away
Are you aware that a double standard between men and women exists in regards to employment in the retail and hospitality industries? In some areas this double standard favors women over men? Find out about the glass closet and how it affects the lives of those caught in it.
As per Hindu Dharma mangalsutra is an ornament of a woman denoting her marital status. Each person makes a mangalsutra for the bride as per his capacity.
What has been written afore time are written for our instruction. This is seen by the 13 laws and rules of the Jewish Court in the first century set as oral tradition. Take a look from the following
One of the many, (and most popular) experiements run in Psychology 101 on unsuspecting students
I enjoy watching wrestling, but we all must remember that the things wrestlers do in the wrestling ring are to be done only by wrestlers who have been trained.
When we're little, we do what we're told because we're told to. As we get older, we wonder if our kids will listen to us -- or should we listen to them? If you like "They Might Be Giants," you'll probably like this. But maybe not. ;) It is set to music, but sorry, I'm not uploading my...
Riding on a school bus is fun. Being with friends is fun too. Stopping a bully is good. Standing up for yourself is also good.
All of us wishes for the rules to be erased so that we can do anything we want. However, having no rules will give us more disadvantages than what we really think. So let us know some of effects if there are no rules.
Strategy is a set of decision making rules or procedures for guidance of organizational behaviour.
Many people would like to protect almost everything they own. Collectibles are often neglected and this guide shows what to do to get a proper insurance policy.
This page is about following the Rules And Guidelines of this site
"It’s clear – sunny deadly town, its square with old young bones is lined. Cold furtive faces wave the flag and soldiers guard them and the time..."
There was no measure to life unless some forms of rules and discipline were there
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