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Here is a short story I wrote for a Halloween story contest I featured in my e-zine Storytime Tapestry.
The public has a tremendous appetite for public scandals of any kind. Election scandals are one of the worst type of scandals which eats at the heart of a democracy.
The public has a tremendous appetite for public scandals of any kind.
Let's examine the root of stigmatization, using the example of media coverage, and it's effect on society.
I had family that I used to enjoy hanging with. These family became our own enemies from stupid rumors that were spread and now we don't hangout at all.
Honesty leads to contentment while guilt leads to aggravation.
Bitter people, including family members, resentful of character, lifestyle, and ability.
A woman with a mind and will of her own. My own unique individuality.
Lies and innuendoes. Those in particular who endeavor to spread negativity.
Unaffected by the judgement of others. Rising above and beyond nonsense and negativity.
Rumors can spread like wildfire and in the worst of cases destroy lives.
Cree must endure whispers and stares of fellow students.
Internet has become indispensible part of our lives and it comes along with some head aches with which we need to live, taking them as a part and parcel of the package!
This article is about the innocent people who believes the gossips. Don't believe a thing without seeing the proof
This article is about gossiping persons who are wasting their time as well as other persons time
Facebook Rumors is quite common among members. Some persons will spread the false information like facebook will close down on some date like May 15,...
An Internet Rumor on fire about the Singer's death.
Rumor has it all. Hugh Hefner's death is just a rumor and there is no truth in the news of his death !
My first cliffhanger poem, I was never good at cliffhangers but only I as the writer knew what happened to the young man. Makes you think, where I also included something that is being showed, I didn’t do it intentionally but if anyone figures it out, that would be cool. A proper hi...
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