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On March 15 Canada held their annual music awards - the Juno Awards. Who took home the trophies this year?
Award winning rockers Rush prepare to launch a tour to celebrate 40 years of making music with a tour.
Some of the greatest rock and metal songs aren't even remembered by the lyrics or the beat, but by the mastermind behind the guitar streamlining a challenging guitar riff that has in many cases put a song on the charts. Memorable guitar riffs have staying power and are one of those sp...
How you manage to get to work in time everyday depends on how well you've mastered the yoga of rush. It's a matter of staying focused once you've come to an agreement with life that a day's work begins the moment you manage to pull yourself out of bed.
From Robert Brewer's weekly writing prompt to write a child's play poem.
A short poem based on Wordsworth's daffodils reflecting the pace of life today
Sometimes people rush into things and have regrets later. Learn how to avoid some regrets by putting off certain things until you are ready.
What makes life more thrilling? Here are what psychologists recommend:
Hurray!~~~ Just 39 days after joining Wikinut and I am already writing my 100th article, ready to be published. Most of my articles here are reposted articles from my ezinearticles and Hubpages account, but about 10 of these 99 articles were first published here, of which 4 are Poems!
Money is not the end all. Human values have to be practiced in real life to get peace and mental satisfaction.
In part 1, we learn what this word means and it can do to the health of an online writer. This part offers some suggestions to deal with it.
Learn what this word can do to the health of an online writer, and what to do about it.
Have you ever watched an ant colony as the ants scurry to feed, or defend, the colony? Have you ever studied bees in the hive, as they work to take care of the queen? Have you ever studied primates in the wild? While we are closely related to primates, an observation shows that we ...
Some days, it's all too easy to forget that it is ultimately you who controls your mind, your perspectives, your life.
Learn the names and faces of some of the best defensive linemen in the game, as well as how to grade a defensive line's performances. How does your team's line stack up?
Running a rat race without proper focus leads you nowhere.........
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