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The Jews are a race hunted down and persecuted through centuries and generations. In whichever countries they migrated and escaped to, they did well and made a decent living. Their endurance before endless adversities owes to the simplicity in their lives. They even reached Cochin Ker...
The Russian Revolution saw the overthrow of the Tsarist monarchy. In its place, the Bolsheviks emerged in 1917, along with the Soviets. Overall, the Russian Revolution is best traced back to 1905.
Stalin is one of histories most well known dictators. Known for his brutality and evilness, this was also a sly old revolutionist. Stalin kept his dominance by creating many and using lots of devious plots, to keep his dominance as Supremo of the Soviet Union. This article is about h...
A look at St. Petersburg, Russia and what it has to offer visitors - other than tour groups.
Following on from my previous page about the origins of the Slavonic people, this page is specifically about the East Slavs.
A short history of the early origins of the modern state of Russia, known previously as Rus. Included are the basic origins of the slavonic peoples who became the inhabitants of Rus.
Often referred to as the "Mad Monk,” many believe Rasputin possessed psychic abilities and the gift of miraculous healing. Always described as an unwashed and sexually promiscuous self-styled holy man, history reflects Rasputin’s apparent part in helping to bring down the empire ...
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