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Cricket is one of the oldest games and has been played officially since the 18th century. Cricket is a game which was introduced by the english and the first official international cricket game was played in the 18th century.
This article is totally for your fun and entertainment. Read it and laugh loudly.
They say predicting the reason behind a political decision is tougher than predicting its outcome. The truth of this statement weighs down on my mind as I write this article, and I hope the readers’ response would dispel some of these questions which are reigning supreme inside my h...
. Masters blaster Sachin was nominated for Rajya Sabha, politics is a different ball game. It’s not played with a straight bat. How will he cope? This is president's way to tell Sachin to move away from cricket. This would be a good incentive for Sachin to hangup his boots.
Sachin Tendulkar is the worlds greatest cricketer now and the most of the records he has created might remain intact for long long time
Any melodious song enthralls everyone. I'm not an exception in enjoying good music. Here's a song that enjoy the most, listening to it again and again.
Very rarely we find some unique and astoundingly compiled pages on Internet. Funom Makama has published such an astoundingly beautiful and musical page at Wikinut in an amazing manner to everyone's surprise. This article is a short review of Funom Makama's well-researched paper abou...
Sachin's Test centuries list and ODI centuries list - Sachin, the first man to score a double century in ODI. Sachin - man who carries Indian cricket for more than 22 years.
The article speaks about the events of Star Ya Rockstar Program held in Zee TV.
I admire Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , the Master Batsman from India and would like to share my admiration for him with the readers.
This article is dedicated to famous Indian sportsmen in the year 2010.
Sachin Tendulker is the King of Centuries. This article explained Why Sachin is call as King of Centuries.
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