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What does turning flabby in your body and love have in common in life?.
What does love and a fire escape have in common in life?.
What does life and a love parade have in common in life?
In life can someone always out rank you in the love game?.
Can someone really only crack all the love off your hear tlike an egg shell in the morning?.
Can so called gold love only turn a heart a dirty bronze color?
Do you need a good love lubricant for your heart?. What is it and can it really be found?.
Can you find somone on the beach at low tide then loose later on in the day at high tide?
Can someone only try to extort love and everythng out of you in life?
what does love and having a facelift have in common?. is it what you think?
What does a bad racing horse and love got in common?. Is it what you think or somethnig much different?....
Can someone have bootleg love toward you only in life?......
Can Cupid always misfire at the love thing with someone or it's it just a dream someone can't wake up from?
Can this love make the love's curfew to be home together at night or will it be jsut another cold night?
How the love flavor between two people was like a chew piece of bubble gum with no flavor...
How love only turns into a very bad conman that only breaks all the crazy rules in life only.....
Can a lot of lazines in love kept it going for lifetime or will it just sleep and never give up?
Love can take a nose dive any time in life but can it be spiked back up into the good again?....
Have you ever ran into a heart that deadbolted shut for you in the love game?. Did you ever get it back open?.
How can someone's love spray mace in your hearts love eye?. Do you have a heart's love eye?.
How can that perfect love magazine just start loosing it's pages?.
What makes a big strong lumberjack have more with the women then a beer gut couch potato?. Reado on to find out....
This poem expresses the trials of love and relates them to that of a Fairytale princess
Love is nothing but sacrifice...... The things we bear and all that we have to fight for just to be with the one we love
Where love leaves one without..... A feeling of exposure and shame, stripped of dignity, in search of healing
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