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How a year affected my entire life. Robot mode activated
A poem about the feelings of sadness and grief at the loss of a loved one
Our mortality is far to real, we may wish to run away we may wish to not acknowledge it but sooner or later we are faced to face it.
If there's a form, that I could ease the pain, forget my veins,...
Who can fill all those special shoes of the people lost in Sept 11 2001 and in the war?
Many times in life we have to deal with the death of a family member or a friend. We all have our own ways of dealing with losses of these loved ones. This is my way of showing the countless time I remember that special person who will never die as long as I keep her memory alive.
A man lived down a tiny lane and the people of his village tormented him because he was disabled. Little did they know............
Love causes Pain and Pain is what makes loves. A really Dark Romantic Poem combining love and Pain
A dark poem about love, losing love and aftermath.Read it to feel your dark side
Love can make you soar with happiness. Or love can leave you sore with sorrow. Sometimes love can leave you heartbroken. Even though you are surrounded by a crowd you still fell like you are walking alone. Alienated from the world outside, you live in the cocoon of your solitude, wher...
A poem I wrote when I was going through a bad patch in my life. I felt totally worthless and felt like I was never good enough, and instead of self-harming I wrote this poem.
It is said that nothing hurts more like love. Pain is felt most when caused by the one you love. A Sad and dark Poem filled with Pain.
You will never understand what pain really is until you have lost Love. If you love someone with everything you have and more and they betray you, you are no longer alive. A Poem describing the pain of love lost by writing own Epitaph.
Love is often painful but the most painful is repeated pain caused by having your love around. A Sad poem.
Love can be expressed in a myriad of different methods, but the most timeless and most treasured will always remain the classic love letter. However, it is also the method which gives most pain. A Poem about letters and messages which never gets delivered.
A Poem about a Love and a lover who dies and becomes guardian Angel. A sad poem depicting true love through two phases- yesterday and today
A poem about Lost Love and its consequences.....................
A Dark Poem about two lovers fighting against the world
Another Sad and Dark poem. A lover is dying for his love
Another Sad and Dark Poem. The pain that remains from that one special person's parting, leaves you forever changed - And sailing endlessly in the sea of Pain
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