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Hi my good friend, Mari scatter kindness, smiles, affectionate with people around us. The spirit you are able to attract the spirit of the people close to you. InsyaAlloh .. Prepared in a tissue first yes .. The story this time is no less interesting with the previous story. And we ca...
You have dream and wish to make it true someday. Unfortunately, things couldn’t go as smooth as your plan. There’s a lot of problem which stress you and make you frustrated. Unfortunately, sometimes the biggest pressure comes from people near you..
This is the story of a girl who had just one dream. To help her mother run the house. However, fate had its way with things...
What does turning flabby in your body and love have in common in life?.
What does love and a fire escape have in common in life?.
What does your own flesh and blood and the biggest looser in life title have in common in life?.
What does love and a broken faucet have in common in life?
Can love only be make believe between two people only in life?
Can you really edit all the bad things out of your life and start fresh?
What does the bad economy and a boat taking on water have in common in life?.
What does far fetched love and a get rich scam have in common in life?
What does life and a love parade have in common in life?
In life can someone always out rank you in the love game?.
Can you really have the fast talk kind of life where no one can keep up or is it that people are in slow mode arund you.
Can someone really only crack all the love off your hear tlike an egg shell in the morning?.
Can so called gold love only turn a heart a dirty bronze color?
Do you need a good love lubricant for your heart?. What is it and can it really be found?.
Can you find somone on the beach at low tide then loose later on in the day at high tide?
Can someone really be a fall guy or escape goat all thier life?
Can someone only try to extort love and everythng out of you in life?
what does love and having a facelift have in common?. is it what you think?
What does a bad racing horse and love got in common?. Is it what you think or somethnig much different?....
Did someone only play a bad joke or is it a real type of life?.....So what does a great locksmith have to do with it?....
Can someone have bootleg love toward you only in life?......
Can Cupid always misfire at the love thing with someone or it's it just a dream someone can't wake up from?
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