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Safety is a thing that should be in everybody’s mind nowadays. This does not matter the area of emphasis, but what matters is the security of your loved ones. Be it in the house, at work or maybe while out in the field or in the swimming pools. One of the main efficient ways of ensu...
Pools are a lot of fun but they can also be very dangerous. These tips are key to making sure everyone stays safe without ruining the fun.
These just some thought on the Delhi Rape Victim case. Just my opinions and thoughts. Not blaming anyone. Just have a read. =)
This poem addresses the sensitive issue of teenage pregnancy. It explores the feelings of both the mother and father of the unborn child. Furthermore it reflects on teens' sexual attitudes and behaviour.
Tips on babyproofing your home for the overly active toddler!
This page is about online safety. We must be careful while sharing personal things in online
This is just the first in a series of articles on how to handle roadside emergencies that I will be doing for the ladies. I was inspired to begin this series by StephanieMorris26, who wrote: Things All Women Should Know!! Roadside flats is a problem that every driver encounters soon...
The month of fire prevention has gone. Although it is understood that fire prevention should not only be observed during October but through out the whole year round that is if you still love your life, your love ones and your properties.
Is Hurricane Irene coming your way? Here are some ideas to make it a safer, calmer environment for you and your family. Be Safe!
Wherever you work the last thing that you want to see is your colleagues and co-workers getting injured. Improving safety is, as they say, everyone’s responsibility – so what can you do?
While it may seem unlikely that an accident could happen, you should know the accident rate in domestic is now increasing. Pay close attention to this information to prevent accidents. Horse play of any kind that may endanger to our selves. Just read it what we have to pay if ignored ...
what happens when your car breaks down, simple steps to take to reduce the danger when you break down.
Visiting clients at home can be full of danger- take steps to avoid these dangers.
Tips and safety precautions that you can take when you walk alone at night.
Everyone uses them but very few know how dangerous the simple bathroom can be.
when guard dogs make friends with the wrong people
You never know when an earthquake is going to strike. But you can always be prepared incase one strikes. Here's an article that will show you how to avoid earthquake casualties.
Accidents occur all over the world both in our homes and in our places of business that could easily be prevented.
Know the safety rule in lifting heavy objects to avoid injuries.
How do we make our home safe? We can do this by preventing accidents.
If you intend to take up rock climbing it is essential that you understand and ensure that you have the correct basic gear
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