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Devildriver have released their latest album, Winter Kills on Napalm Records...and it's a stormer!
Do you want to own your own boat or yacht? If so, then you need to know how to give it a name. Here are some tips!
..A message in a Bottle is traveling in the ocean..
Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.
A short poem about the pleasures of sailing on a narrow boat. What you see and why I enjoy the time on board.
My uncle loved sailing and took my friend and I on a lake-water adventure. Even at 24, sailing with my godfather makes me feel 6 again!
Sometimes love isn't always reciprocated, and the feeling forlorn -- is oh remembered in the back of my mind where I keep it -- but the results of another brought the feeling to the top of my list-- and when quoting this aloud my husband was saddened i felt that way-- it is funny-- ...
You do feel sorry if you lose a piece of your creation, even if it is something small and trivial. This is a poem about feeling sorry for a painting done by me and then finally coming to terms with the loss.
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