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A look at some of he expenses associated with boat ownership including operational expenses and maintenance costs
Very little is really known of The First Black Man to Set Foot in Canada. It is not even for certain that Mathieu Da Costa ever existed.
While on their way to Music Island, Miauli the cat and Veertjies the bird seem to have their ship attacked by something unknown! Are they in danger now?
One incident of sailing with Arab girls in a burkha and bikini is in my mind and remains afond rememberence.
Croatia is a gorgeous Mediterranean country situated on the north of the Mediterranean sea. On this page you will find a stories about its shore and beautiful cities and islands.
Last summer I decided to surprise my spouse and make reservations for a trip to Croatia, specifically Dalmatia. We would travel by plane to Dubrovnik and once we got there rent a boat and explore southern Croatia by ourselves.
There are many beautiful, heavenly islands which dot the Adriatic off the Croatian coastline, all of which have something to offer.
In this article, I tell the story of the exit of a fabulous sailboat coming right from the 18th century, the "Hermione", which was launched on September 7th, 2014, from Rochefort to Aix island, in Charente-maritime, France.
Do you experience out of body you see into other realms of light... do you know how to access the moon and clouds...not to worry read this and enjoy...
The warmer weather brings easy laid-back back days to relax with, reflect on, grow with, and to savor until long after summer ends......
Small boats get left in barns for the winter and have to wait for summer and the children to find them again!
A Poem to fit the category 'Dancing;' at a poetry group to which I belong
How exciting it must have been a century or so ago, when you didn't know what undiscovered lands lay beyond the horizons? Such was the world when Kevin's grandfather was young and ambitious, and enjoyed exploring and documenting the world's beyond.
A sailing adventure set on the South-East coast of England.
A sailing adventure set on the South-East coast of England.
A sailing adventure set on the South-East coast of England.
See the sun rise over a mountain. Paddle alongside a seal. Watch a whale. These are some activities you can do at Acadia National Park in Maine. Part one of a series.
A quick guide to the best bits of this end of the beautiful and varied county of Cornwall; written by a native hopelessly in love with this rugged,treasure trove of a place.
This poem was written while sailing on a 70' 1889 Herdshire Schooner Sailboat, to express the feelings of being on the sea. There is nothing like sailing out in the deep blue sea.
Poem about a voyage through Life, requesting companionship.
I have tried something different to get out of the darkness. I do not know ...
Life like a journey in an ocean despite the challenges one still has to complete the voyage
Shrills of Ghosts belt down anything gleaming, and hopes, to dusk in dreams again, dimming,
Cruising the New England waterways aboard a Small Ship and a detail on Boston, Jewel of the north east coast of the USA. visiting Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Newport and the beautiful Eastern seaboard of the USA
I was in my twenties when I learned to sail ... I was frightened at first but learned the hard way .... by sailing on a 12' sail boat and getting knocked over if I made a mistake. Actually it was a good way to learn to sail.
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