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Under the patronage of the king of Spain, in 1519, he started on a voyage with 5 ships and 243 men
Karl is writing to his father about the bravado of a Diary Farmer who saved the lives of 14 Sailors, in the raging sea off the cost of South Africa, in the harbor of Table Bay.
I have a sailor poet friend who is as old ...and i have fun with him
A sailor solo ..wanted to pass a message around... though 68----- he was still around
Poem about the Island of Inchkeith in the Firth of Forth
On Armed Forces Day remember the sacrifice of time, family, and blood given by our servicemen!
Whereupon the sailor undid the other side of buttons, pulled out a limp, weary dick, looked at it and sadly declared, “Well, I will be damned! He is pouting because he was not FIRST!”
Tale Number 21: This is a special tale from the heart, it is a tale about persiverence and a chance encounter between a boy and a gypsy.
Tattoos have long been popular the world over - for a variety of reasons.
A short yarn about three sailors who get shipwrecked in a storm.
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