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I was never a big fan of traditional spinach salad, so I decided to put my own personal touch on it! I love to experiment with different flavors and ingredients. I have a small booth in the food court of our local Weekend Market, and let me tell you, they love my different salad crea...
Try this Baby Romaine with mixed fruit salad fir a refreshing, cool and crunchy salad as your meal starter, dessert, light snack or midnight snack.
Makes: 6 servings, about 2 cups each Active Time: 40 minutes ... Total Time: 40 minutes
Healthy salads have become an essential part of diet nowadays. Easy to make and tasty eat, these salads substitute for some part of the unhealthy diet we eat as a matter of necessity. here is another Kachumber a veggie salad made from Cabbage and Capsicum, rich in vitamin C. it is saf...
Even if you don’t consider yourself a vegetarian, you can always treat yourself with some fresh green salads since they are easy to prepare and good for your health.
Salads for Lunch Many folks replace good meals by salads only.This piece of free advice is for them
Vegetables, fruits and dairy products are incorporated in our diet to nourish our body and get the benefits of several health benefits they provide.
An attractive main dish salad for luncheon, a pretty fruit salad for dinner, or a luscious frozen dessert salad when planning a party - how easy it is to find just the right salad for ever occasion.
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