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If the company you work for has really mapped out their marketing well, your role as a sales rep will be quite easy. If not, then you have an uphill task!
When did 'Sales and Service' become 'Sales and Marketing'? It didn't happen overnight. No, there has been a long, slow, steady and painful decline in service. But let's think of ways you can enhance your business by building employee and customer loyalty through a simple follow-up ...
One of the worse things you as a businessperson can do is ignore request for return phone calls. These are missed opportunities and once they are gone, it will be very difficult to get them back.
Most of the jobs available there are a very few who choose sales and marketing job because in this job we travel a few places and target most companies area wise.If we achieve our target we get good commission apart from our salary....
Tele-sales jobs are often a misunderstood career path. The work and atmosphere involved has been portrayed badly by the media, leading many people to avoid it. Tele-sales can be as miserable or enjoyable as we choose to make it.
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