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If the company you work for has really mapped out their marketing well, your role as a sales rep will be quite easy. If not, then you have an uphill task!
Today is "The Great Online Shopping Festival." There is much hype about online shopping, but Iin India, the customer is not the king but a victim.
What is the difference between selling and marketing? Understanding this term is sometimes confused. Moreover, companies generally prefer to use rather than marketing executive salesman for salespeople.
You do not even have to invest too much, nor would you need any capital upfront. All you needed is the right skills and the correct attitude for the job.
Sales is a kind of profession where you cannot avoid some common mistakes. In this article you will common mistakes made by sales people.
Becoming a good sales person is not an easy task and in this article you will find techniques to become a good a sales person.
Sales is a job where motivation play a major role.
One of the worse things you as a businessperson can do is ignore request for return phone calls. These are missed opportunities and once they are gone, it will be very difficult to get them back.
Most of the jobs available there are a very few who choose sales and marketing job because in this job we travel a few places and target most companies area wise.If we achieve our target we get good commission apart from our salary....
You met one, you met them all. If this is something you hear when you approach a potential client you are in for a lot of trouble. Sales is a very demanding job and many sales people do not know how to differentiate themselves. What can you do to make sure your client hears you out?
A good salesperson can sell almost everything – even you aren’t interested in that product. Learn their techniques and how to avoid them.
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