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A trained makeup artist Anu Sen has now made her name into the list of renowned makeup artists in Udaipur. She well known for Best Bridal Makeup in Udaipur and also famous her heavy and traditional bridal makeup looks. Her bridal makeup styles are vibrant with many beautiful shades & ...
A pretty, twenty-something damsel walks into your quaint salon, which happens to be quite the neighbourhood hair revelation! Having been beauty-schooled, you smile and ask her what you could get her. Her lips purse and you hear a rather miffed ‘Earl Green Tea’.
Recently my friend asked me to visit her beauty spa that she had started exactly a year ago. She herself is a very skilled makeup artist who’s done many certifications in hair styling and has a long list of clientele who love her work.
It is now more Important than ever before to increase customer engagement and encourage genuine feedback (of course also act on it) to retain your loyal customers as well as new experimenters.
There’s nothing wrong or offensive about this comment (in most cases), it’s just a passenger stating that she / he prefers having to be around pleasant service staff. It’s a different thing that people say it in a way that it sounds like the perception is restricted to just look...
Adventures in trying new hairstyles. And how they sometimes backfire.
If you get your nails done in Las Vegas, chances are you are catching deadly diseases out there. Find out why
New referrals are the lifeblood of any appointment-based business, especially hair salons. Whether you own a salon or any other type of business, this article will help you create a referral program that works.
Establishing a hair and beauty salon set up requires deliberate thought and well planned activities in order to make your salon not only cosmetically attractive but also to be able to meet the diverse demands of customers.
Every girls wants her hair to look perfect.This article suggests eight tips for keeping your ringlets beautiful and twinkling so that you can be the center of attraction.
You can get that salon look at a fraction of the cost if you know how to do it right. Here are nine steps for coloring your hair at home.
Look for a good hair straightener? With the Instyler your search is over.
From skin resurfacing to varicose vein removal, laser skin treatments cover a wide range of conditions that have been adding to the procedure’s popularity.
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