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Overcoming life's difficulties, Overcoming temptation, Living for Christ.
It's a Spiritual war for your very soul. You're in this war whether you think so or not. Are you equipped for such a war on your soul?
Salvation is an individual decision, your decision to be save is very important to your spiritual sojourn on earth, you can never make heaven if you are not saved, God's wonderful love and passion to mankind is constant, it is you who must make changes and amendment with regards ...
This article explains what Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit is and how it happens.
Traveling the Roman Road The Roman Road is the road every sinner must travel to reach Salvation. The Roman Road is not a physical road but a spiritual road. The Roman Road is actually a series of scriptures taken from the Book of Romans that are used to lead sinners to salvation. Most...
We do not celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the UK , But I am forever thankful for the fact that my Saviour was willing to suffer for the likes of me ..... because He thought I was worth it ...
As individuals we are guilty of trying to find ways to please God, and their is only one way. His way.
This was written based on a writing prompt from another site. I use prompts a lot to get over writer's block. This one started out with a ghost predicting the end of the world. It became a sermon of salvation.
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