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A review of a surprising definition of a common word
A short treatise on the belief of 'once saved, always saved'
God encouraged Jesus as He was walking up the hill. God told Jesus that He could make it and that God was walking right beside Him as He walked each step closer.
Our perceived differences hold sway to prevent us from standing by the vast majority across all borders irrespective of their beliefs. Our leaders have to rise above frivolous and selfish political bias, hidden agendas, to address problems threatening to get out of hand.
This is a poem that looks at what it means to be saved by Jesus Christ.
God is better than facebook, chocolate chip cookies and cold milk, muslim, SAlvation for the asking
Our Creator God allowed His Son to pay the price with His life for everyone to experience lasting peace If we wish to maintain peaceful relationships, it is critical that we stay away from jealousy and selfishness. Wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, you will find dis...
'sans all will you...''' 'sans all will you...'''...'sans all will you...''' don't ask me whats sans ?
Three simple words can change you life forever. Forgiveness of sins is just a few words away. Asking Jesus to forgive your sins is so simple. Do it.
Overcoming life's difficulties, Overcoming temptation, Living for Christ.
We create our own versions of hell or heaven. Our life is in our own hands and we can make what we will of it.
Christians have more guts than anyone can imagine. Christians are mentally tough! Christians know how to defend their beliefs.
Have you ever thought about the world being a spiritual wilderness? The world is a spiritual wilderness because the people are in a spiritual wilderness. This article explains spiritual wilderness.
In the name of beliefs, few manage to dictate their wicked agenda. The irony is the vast majority are held hostage by few by setting one against another playing on our emotions. When common sense is allowed full play, our differences fade away. Our goal is clear - mutual coexistence d...
Christians are apt to believe that Christ's disciples had a greater faith than Christians of today. This article explains why that belief is false.
There are two kinds of love. There is the kind that non-Christians have and there is the love that Christians have. This article explains the difference.
Christians are prone to thinking that Jesus' disciples and the first Christians had a greater faith than Christians of today. Is that true? This article answers that question.
I met a blind woman who had another sight. This article tells us how we can acquire the second sight which all of us need badly.
If God is for us, who can be against us. The Lord is my helper, I shall not fear. We are more than Conquerors through Him that loves us. Daily devotions enhance our relationship with God.
The one recurring theme in all religions is the need for personal "good works" in order to gain heaven. The truth is it is the "good works" of just one Person that we all need to accept in order to gain heaven.
Ever wonder why bad things happen to Christians? Well, Christians aren't immune to bad things happening to them. So find out how to be an overcomer kind of Christian.
It's a great day to be a Christian. We can rejoice that the end is in sight. Living a joyous Christian life is ours for the taking.
Jesus is coming back soon! How many times have you heard that lately? Be encouraged, because Jesus is coming back really soon. It's exciting to watch even.
Jesus tells us to come as we are to Him. We don't have to have our act together to come to Him. Come just the way you are, regardless of your situation. Just come anyway.
Do you worry about facing God on Judgment day? You don't need to do that. This article will show you why.
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