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Every Heart beat is within everyone. and within every heart beat is a special persons name
This is my story on how God transforms people,and also showing how God is merciful, if he forgiven me is true he can forgive anyone by faith.
4 (For) The Love of Gay articles cover four main different types of gay love that are very interesting in themselves. You
It is always the same You always get the blame You should know his words are not true He has no love for you
This is my adaptation of the story of the Good Samaritan - in poetry form .
We all know that the V-F is important for pulling off a good Super bowl but, you must have good drinks to serve also. Sangria, iced tea, beer or a cocktail, making the right choice for your guest is a must.
Distress levels for to find out about, try this scale to show yourself where you are positioned in your mind and self.
Each day is a war waged against the mundane. Each moment a chance, to renew and open the mind to change.
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