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Are you in a relationship with someone who lives in Germany? You may have met this person online, starting a friendship that eventually blossomed into a real relationship where you’ve even spent some time in Germany to get to know this person on a more personal level. Now that you...
The resurgence of this once bustling locale, now as an Asian restaurant that brings ethnic authenticity and nostalgia to the Gaslamp District as a late-night dining destination, is a charming addition to downtown San Diego
Why Hundred Proof’s finger lickin’ mid-day dishes are drawing folks county-wide to Park Boulevard.
Pantai Inn is an enchanting San Diego destination with an inimitable identity and allure
Ideally situated in the scenic harbor area of downtown San Diego with close ocean access, not only is the seafood extremely high caliber but all else on the menu is mindfully curated with sustainability and quality in mind. And, conceptually, the recipes here exude ingenuity, which i...
You've most likely caught wind of pens with conductive ink, that permit clients to draw circuits onto materials, for example, paper. Presently, scientists at the University of California, San Diego have gone a stage or two more distant – they've made "bio-inks" that could be utilize...
My recruiters taught me how to recruit...and I parlayed that into a great retirement job. I still recruit for free and do resume coaching.
There is no reason for a person who has relocated to a new city to be lonely. There are plenty of places to meet people and make new friends. It just takes a little motivation and interest
Now that summer is over and it’s time to get serious about our jobs and our kids’ schooling, we need to put our vacations and trips behind us. But do we really? Not necessarily; it all depends on location, location, location.
Who remembers Dunkin' Donuts? I do, and I didn't have to travel to the East Coast to get them. There used to be a Dunkin' Donuts on one of the corners in Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles County, the area where I raised my kids and lived for over 26 years. Dunkin' Donuts is not a new occur...
The top ten haunted houses that Zillow has chosen are notorious for their reports of ghostly activity, strange occurrences, beautiful architecture and they possess the power to creep out even the strongest of minds when it comes to those that have a hard time digesting paranormal acti...
We can expect to face difficult circumstances in our Christian walk. But, we have to determine if they are a blessin' or a lesson.
The Greenpeace sailing vessel, Rainbow Warrior III, opened ship along the Embarcadero on November 23rd and 24th for tours and discussions on the Arctic 30 prisoners in Russia, the history of the fleet, and new environmental missions.
Ask any Marine about the yellow footprints and they will immediately recall standing on them.
There is a science to having a great telephone interview. With my background in recruiting, I thought I would share some tips.
My NFL Football team picks for week #1, including a short summary.
Family vacations create lasting memories. Make sure you spend time with your family in ways that they will remember forever.
There are numerous activities available in all areas. Sports and recreation to the performing arts and fine arts. This city has such a diverse population and culture. There is no way you will not fit in.
Situated on the west coast of America, San Diego is one area of California that must be included in the diary of any international golf traveller.
San Diego is a year around paradise for outdoor activity. March is especially a great month for planning a Winter getaway. Whale watching, hiking and outdoor fun awaits you.
This has to be one of the most ill conceived ideas I’ve ever heard of. According to recent rumors, the famous San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park may be preparing to change the name of the park itself to “San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park” along with a marketing tagline of “Wild at...
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