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A girl, A prince. Another Cinderella story without the evil mother or evil sister. Just the two of them.
A Grain of sand My what views you beget just a grain of sand now a beach many come and at your versions reach I BESEECH
Milly has just informed Molly of what she discovered on the internet. Molly is very impressed with Milly's research. The girls have decided to put their thinking caps on and come up with a plan to find the murderer.
It's a bright and sunny day in Carolina Beach. Dad had met with the detective that was assigned to the murder case. Today the investigation would begin in full force. Molly had an idea. She was striking out on her own. This was something new for Molly because she usually had Dad ta...
Molly, Milly and the family are off to the beach. They would have a few weeks of fun in the sun. Life was good and they were leaving the city behind. The bad guys would have to wait for their return.
What a soldier thinks about while abroad for his country. Read more:
Strange indeed is this one but then it is a manifestation of what i am going through as I work on mending my veins and arteries...most people never realize the workings of their profound all those blood cells circulating and sometimes coagulating...not a good thing to do at...
Isn't it nice to walk alone at night with only the moonlight to guide you, and feel the nature's solemn expression around us.
A poem touching on the realities of litter and pollution and how it destroy's our environment.
On June 6, 1944, the Allies gave their all against Nazi-occupied Europe in the invasion of D-Day! It has now been 70 years and we should still remember their struggle on that horrific morning in France! Long live the brave and noble!
An expression of emotions and visions of being alone in the vast desert.
Poetry describing a vacation in Cancun. Nature poetry describing the sunsets in Cancun.
"In the stillness of the wind and time, I came to reminisce the memories of days gone by and though that she may be in the past, she will always be my only one love that's true.."
A Childhood Tragedy that has haunted me for 41 years, and will continue to do so until the day I die. God, bless little children, and pray they have parents who watch over them and keep them safe!
Yes there is nothing like being home enjoying a local festival
A poem describing the work of Mother Nature on this earth, our land. Mother Nature has created such beauty that cannot be described with words. Painted by her with love for us to enjoy each and every second in time.
You may be living in an evergreen place or in a crowded city, you could be walking through a waterless and unfriendly desert. You can receive it as an opportunity...
An Iambic tetrameter ABBA rhymed poem, about children that play and dream on the sea sand shore.
Have you ever spent some time beside a dry river? I have often sat beside one and heard it speak to me.
Alexander wald a part time artist of Lviv of Ukrain, he uses the ground coffee powder and sand as medium for his paintings
Britte relay of US developed window farming concept by waste plastic bottles (Used plastic bottles)
It is a poem about the love and its feeble nature
If you’ve ever walked along a beach, you’ve probably seen a seashell lying on the sand where it has been washed in by the waves. The shell will never always be empty, for it is the home of some sea animal that has died.
A short poem about being at the seaside in the summer when lots of people take their holidays.
Everyone needs a friend, including heroes. The Skillet Steed finds himself wandering aimlessly in a search for answers as he reaches a critical point in life. At his lowest point of desperation, he cries out to God. Read to learn more about the Skillet Steed - the Most Compassionate o...
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