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A Grain of sand My what views you beget just a grain of sand now a beach many come and at your versions reach I BESEECH
It's so true, that love always makes men a poet. it's this lovely feeling that they fall in love.
Love that is far more beautiful than any wealth you knew.
A firsthand account on the many sandstorms that happens in my place of work.
The sands go deep .Making love on a beach is the best thing in summer or spring
Rolling in the sands A musical rolling dance on the sands on a moonlit starry sky somewhere
Desert Safari is a tour into the deserts of Dubai. The safari takes you right into the desert where you can enjoy camel rides, dune bashing, applying mehendi on your hands and many more activities that you will enjoy. The Desert Safari is an experience that you will never forget.
PART 2 illustrates what I was looking for and how I found it. Have a read of my investment track record and go from there.
On Sunday 12th August 2012, Gareth Gates and his band are performing a gig at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness. Read on to find out more about it.
A short poem about the dangers of sea banks on the coast and why you should seek advice before going fishing on unknown shores.
Love is a gift of God.....It is everywhere but we need pure heart to see it. In this piece of poetry some wonders of love are expressed.
On a rainy night, I was alone at my seaside dormitory sitting by the window and looking out into the dark street that glistened with reflections of the moon in the puddles of just-rained stagnant water. I wondered about the strange nature that seemed quite mysterious to me and a thou...
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