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The title a bit weird?? Then you must read the poem its weirder. This poem can be understood by a kindergarten literally and ideologically by you( i hope you are an adult). And comment what you understood for obvious reasons(most cases I get better concepts that what I thought).
A variety of subjects according to what my mind decides to create when the moment to write arrives.
so many times we wait at side of shore for something...not really know what it is...this is a metaphor of aspects of life..some to be taken seriously...some not...your choice always....ha!
What is lazy? What is good about being lazy? How a lazy person benefits society.
Focuses on a jolbin ( a descendant of goblins), Ricky Kwaadvis, a snappy and sassy asexual bisexual who loves to poke fun at his friend, Edward Bruadair while the two are trying help out this woman named Turnpike who has the power to control sand and dirt and used to kill people and t...
well this is an odd piece I was going to continue with a hory tale but this got written instead..full of quirks and other dont take it too much to heart especially my gay friends whom I adore....
The summer is here, and you need to make sure you're beach ready. But what to do when you really need those instant abs for that instant sex appeal? Read on, and I'll make sure you get that 6-pack immediately!
The fears of a 20 year old, Literature studying female. How being a grownup, especially after college, haunts me and I have no time left to reform the world with my revolutionary ideas, if not with my crude sense of humor.
[link=][b]Sarcasm [/b][/link]may sound negative because it is the words of satire or humor that was brought with the intention of offending someone.
Saying improper things in a very proper manner. Thoughts that are profound and profane. Read at your own risk.
Something that I've been working with lately is how poetry relates to me and how I feel about it. In some cases, even the most simplest of poems are the most complex. Which is why, I like to stick to basics in regards to content so I don't lose my readers. I also put some of my sarcas...
Happy Site (Bonavista) is a fictional poem illustration how Bonavista was named by John Cabot
More often than not in our effort to sound funny we tend to get clumsy or hurting others by voicing needless criticism or commenting on their idiosyncrasies. Writing a Humourous article is lot more difficult than what we presume and we should tread carefully. Here is my take on "My Ki...
Since I started writing online and reading forums and blogs, I have come across far too many people who are nasty to other without cause. They attack others' opinions without justification and often make scathing personal attacks.
It’s like your day but it seems like you are doomed, oh hell, can’t people stay away from your comfort zone and get a life without infesting yours? This is what you call a hellish day when others try to invade your pretty much comfortable circle of life. This happens all the time,...
There are new outdoor smoking rules. This is just a brief run-down on where you can smoke (if you choose) and where you can't (so you don't get a ticket/summons)...and of course in true NY fashion, an opinion about the whole thing.
He wears his heart on his sleeve so no one will question whether or not he's lying.
How people must get on with their lives, let all negative saying drive them one to higher heights.
A different look at Aesop's "The Crab and His Mother".
A different look at Aesop's "The Farmer and the Stork".
A different look at Aesop's "The Travelers and the Purse".
A different look at Aesop's "The Frogs and the Ox".
A different look at Aesop's The Peacock and the Crane
A different look at The Lion and the Mouse by the great Aesop.
This poem, is a satire poem. Based off of my philosophy that love is nothing but a "clumsy cupid" who crashes into things but finds the right match in the end. I then described the thoughts that I had. And my humor can be quite funny when it comes to me trying to explain things withou...
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