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A poem that I wrote a while ago after a day of being in nature. Comments are open.
My attempt to counter those within the Anarchist Movement that say "No God" by giving a personal glimpse into my psyche
Boogeygirl: The Sensational Comedown of a Phenomenon. The serial killer Michael Myers has gained a fan, who dares to finish what Myers wasn't able to complete.
My life-long experiences as I dabbled in occultism, spiritism, yoga, zen
Narrator: This Inevitable owl, had been with Mr. Walker for quite a while. Mysterious as it may seem, this Owl brought Mr. Walker out of the manipulations of Lucifer,( which had started at the age 7, when Lucifer told Mr. Walker that he was his father,) and back to GOD. .Who is this O...
Even though that the title of this poem may be slightly farfetched, it was actually because of the theme that I wanted the reader to understand about this poem. It doesn't really have much to do with Satanism but it still has a theme of it. It is overall a good poem. I'll leave it to ...
This poem truly is, a dark poem. I don't know where this one came from but I can say that the metaphor and symbolism usage is quite intense. I decided to take a look into hatred and emphasized it to see how it may look if I large group of people wanted to actually celebrate it. That i...
Lately this has been smeared as a seal of Satanism, but the pentagram is a totem versatile, and there long before anyone got around to invent Satan.
Satanism is the religion where people observe their faith through the veneration of evil instead of good.
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