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Indian launch vehicle PSLV-C37 successfully placed into orbit the satellite record 104, according to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).
Indian spacecraft missions to the planet Mars already started the process of preparing to travel for 300 days.
Ever wonder what the cable guy is thinking? Here you go.
In the present world, we are literally drowning in information. No matter what we are doing the entire day we have to keep updated with all kinds of news and views. Whether we are in the office, or at home, or playing in a ground, or on a trekking trip through the mountains, we still ...
Further, the telegraph technology was developed in the way of sending by air and receiving by air. This process is done through sending electric signals to the receiver’s end through the wires. A sounder is used to be able to convert received signals to sound.
When the first manned satellites went into space in the early 1960s, many people felt that the wildest dreams of science-fiction writers were coming true. It was only about 50 years earlier that the first aeroplanes had flown. What amazing progress had been made in half a century!
One of the many benefits of NASA technology; communication. Other benefits include advances in technology in scientific, medical, and agricultural areas.
People in more remote areas of the country, such as in rural or mountainous regions, they probably understand the frustrations associated with cellular reception. With the poor internet connection (most rely on dial-up internet), people are left with a limited options in communication...
Bhuban is the Indian mapping application website. Bhuban was launched on 12th of August, 2009. It has been built up following Good Earth. It is claimed that Bhuban has more provisions than Good Earth.
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