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Election fever hits the Philippines like a regular super typhoon hit its land. The last two Presidential Election as usual have colorful personalities befits "life imitating art" subscribing to Aristotelian mimesis and modern satire.
The previous season of Philippines Presidential Election cliche as it been it become a modern satire.subscribing to Aristotelian mimesis.
There are many worthy causes that are being rightly championed by extraordinary people.Most seem to be based on the preservation of human rights and some even go to protect the prosperity of animals,and natural flora and fauna. I am here to discuss the systematic desecration of anothe...
The curtain call of supporting cast of the satirical prose about a former far away kingdom cum social writing site frequented by macro-bloggers, neo-vagabonds and republicans this Is the synopsis and unforgettable characters behind the epic fail.
A satirical article of a writing site Bubblews(ip address witheld upon possible request) who had a bank run and now beng given a prolong post mortem and after thoughts .
Observational Poetry that leaps from Spirituality to wacky nonsense all wrapped up in a beatnik box with a banana bow
'sans all will you...''' 'sans all will you...'''...'sans all will you...''' don't ask me whats sans ?
Mystery Kitty gives beauty advice to women who need it. Enjoy satire for a cat friendly generation.
In a brilliant spoof, Chris Hayes turns the tables on all those Fox News pundits who pontificate about what's wrong with black culture.
A satirical poem about far away kingdom frequented by blogger.
Where are our compassionate people except the young innocent ones, those too are restricted from doing any good to others!
This article will take a look at how musical parody and satire can help us understand concepts like “Zombie Banks.”
One of the many experiences of a police officer. Humorous content.
Well here is a piece of folerol which I love but a message contained within which I so often do on my pages...a wise old owl, stupid sheep and senseless others gathered under one roof...ha ha
Yes this is a thumb in face about the wickedness that seems to go on and on across the world and as many on wikinut write about. Many of us here try to fathom out the reason and replace meannesswith reason and hope and justice..this is my way of reflecting it back to those who consta...
This was a fun piece to write as I really did not know where it was going...or where it came from...but that happens often with my apologies to anyone who takes it have indeed a big hurdle to overcome...enjoy
The artist, when his or her efforts work, shows us who we are. Polish satirical artist Pawel Kucynski's art accomplishes that task in ways that shake us to the core.
Pharrell Williams to Launch "Happy Easter", A Christian Version of "Happy"
So the end of the world is upon us again, this time it is Ragnarok when, according to Norse myth the earth splits asunder (I like that word) and the forces of darkness storm out for a final battle with the gods and heroes. This is not likely to happen of course, but just in case, LET'...
This open letter tries to give a few pieces of advice to the troubled pop star, Justin Bieber.
Tongue in cheek look at some of the crazy job titles advertised in the public sector.
Publication of a scientific report in which scientists studied the lifestyle of James Bond and drew conclusions about the damage to his health the drinking and smoking would do (with the intention of warning us about the dangers of unhealthy lifestyle choices) prompted todays post.
A part of me always envied those people who appeared on television documentaries in silhouette or back to the camera, confessing to shameful vices that led them into lives of crime and depravity. Although I have not lived a totally blameless life my misdemeanours are more likely to pr...
A news item about a plan to allow "ladies of negotiable affection" to offer their services in hungary's shopping malls set off a rich stream of speculation.
YouTube has many parody videos showing a movie clip of Hitler having a major temper tantrum, with humorous subtitles inserted to make it seem he is raging over contemporary events. The historical story behind that scene is interesting in itself.
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