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At first, I thought he was a little goofy guy. However, he would become my mentor to becoming a 1st Sergeant in the Air Force.
It was Christmas Eve at a deployment site in Saudi Arabia. God had a special blessing for me that night.
Beheading is a medieval punishment but is out of tune now with modern times, yet it find a place in the law books of Saudi Arabia
The act of transmigration was an illuminating prospect for the planetary races of the HUman pioneers, our long-forgotten by many, parents, who first brought the diverse races from other planets to this earth on a project whose enormity equaled no other at the time nor since. – Uthra...
The world and USA is focussed on Iran, forgetting that the bigger menace is Saudi Arabia
Captain Murdock is the newest member of our team. His writs are similar to those of Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn but are delivered in a little different manner. These are his third and fourth Files due to the fact the third is very short. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
This week the US Air force attacked ISIS and other groups in Syria, yet in August, president Barack Obama openly admitted that he did not have a strategy to combat the Jihadist ISIS group as it advances in Iraq and Syria as well as other groups across the Middle East.
Obama gave a pretty speech and basically said Islamic State was not Islamic and neither was it a State; that pretty much summed up Obama Strategy for Islamic Terrorism!
ISIS, one of the most brutal terrorist organizations in recent times, can be stopped only if their Sugar Daddy, Saudi Arabia stops funding terrorist activities, not only in Iraq but around the world. Chechnya, Indonesia, Africa, MiddleEast and many others receive millions and millions...
The 5th Congressional district has been representeby an ineffective Congressman for several years. It's time to elect a leader...Bentley Rayburn.
I never made my bed...until I got this stuffed animal.
I was deployed and depressed...but, God had a way of cheering me up.
The new direction of USA and Saudi Arabia relation would be set by both countries as the Spy Chief of Saudi Bandar Bin Sultan is not happy with how US responded in Syria war and Iran Nuclear program.
We aren't always happy with our surroundings. But, keep in could be driving a chicken truck.
Although the military seems like serious business, there are some goofy things that happen.
Captain James Galiac Sananda, as all other commanders from the starships do, has the knack of not only knowing what the "superpowers" are doing in progress but also having the foreknowledge of what they are up to. - Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez
The Captain James Galiac Sananda, known in the previous incarnation more than 2000 years ago as Jesus the Christ, speaks again to the people of the modern world. - James Cortez
Saudi Arabia is considering banning free channels of communication as they feel they are not compatible with their policies.
Lord St. Germain is upon this writ standing in for Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn and takes to discussing Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the former President Yasser Arafat. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
Commander Captain Hatonn has begun new packages of information from himself for the latter part of the year 2012. Here is the seventeenth entry from him to be placed upon the internet. This is the file hackers did not want on the net in particular. – Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries
Saudi Laws based on interpretation of Islam are archaic and need a reinterpretation. As it stands the laws will not pass the test of a good and modern society.
Saudi editor who ran a website on the net is arrested for blasphemy, a crime that carries the death penality in Arabia. Its like going back to ancient times
So that was that! It was a leap year full of hopes and expectations; sadness’s and joys this is an assemblage of news items you might have missed and some we all wish just never happened at all, I wish we could all work to make 2013 a better year but nevertheless I wish all our read...
In 25 years, I never found the 'real' Air Force...or did I?
Anyone who engages business with DXN is bound to follow the company’s rules and regulations. And whoever disregarded or violated its company’s rules and policies will be subject for termination. As stipulated under the rules and regulations of DXN (17.1) if a distributor has breac...
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