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A simple and easy guide to save money in the home.
Man is the most amazing creature on this earth who is never satisfied and always wants more.This dissatisfaction has led us to a point where the natural beauty of earth has been destroyed by the brains as intelligence is the faculty of making artificial objects,specially tools to make...
This is supposed to be a reaction paper in my Environmental Science course which should discuss 'what does Mother Earth mean to me.' I do not know what I am thinking when I wrote this short piece, but my teacher eventually like it and even commented that it is a 'nice writing.' *giggl...
A tale of the importance of earth and of how small it is.
While GPS and remote sensing data were used to know the tiger habitat, camera traps and radio telemetry helped in census and safeguarding individual animals.
As electricity and water prices rise due to the current economic situation we have in England it is important or sometimes even required that we try to save money. I have included some tips and tricks for doing this with Water and Electricity.
During the period of global economic crisis, saving money becomes a must in our life. There are different ways to save money. One of them is to reduce your energy consumption. Here are some simple tips for you:
Freedom...Yes It is one of THE words that needs our understanding, the limits and barriers to it must be understood all the more. Read on to see what I believe the essence of freedom is and what is our responsibility towards generations that follow us.
This is the second in a series of four money saving article. Each has valuble tips for helping the average person or family save money in a variety of ways.
This article deals with the problems that extreme heat build up in our attics causes.
In the recent years, saving money is not so easy anymore. Because of inflation, the price of fuel increase dramatically, people tend to spend all their earning for many expenses. But you need to have the savings, because the savings will help you to have the stable finance. Here are s...
Our climate is very fragile and is being attacked relentlessly. Do your part to save our planet!
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