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how to save money ... there are many ways .. just start
If you have savings then there are a few ways that you can maximize returns. In this respect, gain more interest. To do this, a good savings account and savings plan will provide superior returns.
As much as self-control and discipline is important in controlling one’s expenses; it is an undeniable fact that environment is also a huge factor in keeping those outlays within the budgets.
Setting up and organizing a retail thrifting business from home.
In recent months, finances have led to actively reducing the utility bills in order to see savings and pay other rising expenses. The changes are taking some time to adjust to but so far it's working.
Jealous, incompetent, unprofessional casteist top officials in indian intelligence agencies are making completely fake financial fraud allegations against engineer, wasting tax payer money.
Everybody loves to win, but who loves to train. In this sense, the training is financial management and understanding, not looking wealthy, rich or powerful. That means living within your means, whatever they are and being realistic to yourself without wanting to "put on a show". That...
Great tips on cutting down costs around the office and still retaining a high level of productivity.
Using coupons can save quite a bit of money, but it can also be a bit overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Here is my guide on using coupons effectively.
It's sales time - again! And every year with a same question: whether you should be excited or not? How to achieve double pleasure without spending all of your budget in one day? Follow these quick steps and advice.
This tells of how to be self sufficient and save money on your energy bills. Such as keeping the air filters clean in the air-conditioner, cleaning lit out of the dryer periodically and such easy to do things to save in the long run.
As the New Year arrived, it is time to take stock of things and plan for the year ahead. I want to start with a self-appraisal of myself, find my strengths and weaknesses. I thought it'd be prudent to use Jefferson's list of virtues and measure myself on a scale of zero to ten. Here g...
Saving is a good discipline and one that can help you achieve not just your short-term wants (a car, TV or holiday) but your long-term financial goals as well (investments and eventually financial independence).
My youngest brother occasionally sends us a box commonly known as a Balikbayan (back to country) box. Here is some of its contents
Some people think a million dollar lottery win would set them up for life, but can you really live the rest of your life off a one time payment of a million bucks? Is it really possible to retire early on a million dollars?
Public schools do not equip enough young people as to how to manage their own money.
A travel to yourself or for the family need not be expensive, careful planning will save you a lot of money. Here are some helpful tips in your preparation.
Personal finance comes with getting the worth of your money everytime you purchase or shop.
"Pay me back all the money that I have spent on bringing you up", could be the meanest statement that can be ever made by parents. But, if at all they say so, by when do you think you can manage to return all that money. Well, here lies your answer.
When my family had over $40,000 credit card debt at over 25% APR, we didn't know how we would ever get out from under it. With help from a credit counselor, we set up a Debt Management Plan and paid off the debt in 3 years. I got the opportunity to speak to CCOA counselors about the e...
Staying safe while travelling is important either you are in the hotel room or on the road.
This article gives the importance of saving and encourage the saving habit
A house is more then a building siting on a piece of land; it soaks up and records the energy of all the living connected to it. The ancients lived with an understanding that all elements were full of life and each individual atom is a small part of the master craftsman or creator, an...
These are some fun ideas and strategies to give your friends and family an inexpensive, awesome, yet memorable gifts for Christmas!
This article is about Advantages of Fuel Efficient SUVs
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