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Often time we struggle with The Lord to get access into our life but that's not how it ought to be In all we do in all we say God still deserve our best
In my search In my quest Whenever i think of the impossible I think of a Saviour Whenever i think of a Saviour I think of a mighty one A mighty one who is capable of conquering the unbeatable foe
This is a tale of princes and princesses, betrayal and a faked monarchy.
As a Christian , the only way I can touch the lives of my loved ones and friends is to pray for them ... this poem speaks of just that ..
Who is free of all worry, pain, sorrow or suffering? Even our daily life brings with it difficulties we must face. Each person has a cross to carry.
This is a poem about three prominent mothers whose lives have affected the course of history.
Like the Magi I searched for the New King, the Emmanuel, the Prince of Peace, the Saviour. I have found him and now he is my most precious treasure.
A short poem I've just come up with! Very excited to share this one.
I cannot thank and praise God enough for sending His Son to be my Saviour and the Saviour of the world!!!
Faith in Jesus Christ is essential element in our lives.
This my idea of what it could be like to develop a saved soul.
Thank God I am set free from the bondage of sin, bought by the precious blood of Jesus Christ and made a Child of God.
A cry of help to a super hero to come and save this world of ours, infested with crime, abuse and violence!
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