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When something is said to you do you listen to all or do you start painting pictures in your mind about what the message outcome will be especially if you feel you are going to be criticized or put down....silly you ...listening is one of the highest forms of grace you can extend to ...
Have you ever wondered why Santa's laugh is "Ho, ho, ho", or why we kiss under the Mistletoe?
People often worry about what they should say on a first date, but it is also important to know what they should not say. For those of you who are preparing for a first date here are some suggestions of what not to say and what not to talk about.
A short poem about being woken up in the night and finding a thief. Don`t be brave just call the police.
A short poem about the never ending wars that man has all of the time and why we should mend our ways.
A short poem about dreaming and the wishes of getting to know their meaning because there must be a reason for them - maybe a message ?
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