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A look at how Paypal account holders in India are ruthlessly defamed, cheated and exploited by corrupt greedy dishonest and shameless CBI, R&AW, Ntro officials
Shonda Rhimes is an amazing, writer, and producer. She has produced many great TV dramas including Grey's Anatomy and "How to Get Away With Murder."
Charles (Chuck) Colson is a name well known to most people who lived during the 1970's. Colson fell from honor to scandal, which landed him in prison. During this process, his life was changed in another way, which would continue to impact many people even after his death.
I had very a mixed reaction to the Bill Cosby scandel - wasn't sure what to believe, but had some thoughts.
The publication of a statement which may impugn another persons reputation or is intended to lower their esteem in the eyes of right-thinking people can be adjudged to be defamatory. Writers must be careful of every accusation that they make.
What I feel about the music industry. No Holds Barr...
Children both sexes must be guided not to become sex perverts. They must be armed with good knowledge of sex, drug and HIV-AIDS. It's the primordial duty of parents to keep them safe at home especially during the age of puberty. They must always be home during bedtime.
With all due respect to NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and with the utmost respect for his wife, as a registered Democrat, I feel I can be silent no longer . . .
Early this year the world saw an embarrassing admission under duress from cyclist Lance Armstrong that he'd used performance enhancing drugs. Any moment now, professional baseball's Alex Rodriguez will hear his fate regarding the same. Twenty-four years ago I wrote this poem. That...
Accusations by Senator McCain about a cover-up. He has experience with cover-ups dating back to the late 1980s.
The Former Prime Minister of Italy denies sex with Moroccan teen age girl Karima el-Mahroug in Italy.
Just a tid bit about the new Charlie Sheen book about to come out that in his mind will raise $10 million, who knows maybe someone will be crazy as he is.
A beautiful celebrities will be on persuasion by a handsome prince, rich, and well, but has a target of sexual desire. So a celebrity is likely disrupted, and will consider the dashing prince desires it.
When Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF, returned to France after his release, he largely dropped below the US radar but much has happened to him in the meantime, leading to his attempting to escape the civil action brought by Nafissatou Diallo, the Sofitel’s maid in...
A personal account of my frustratingly close encounter with artist Kit Williams's golden hare, together with the story of its unearthing and his subsequent activities.
Scandal word is normal people do it daily although they have so much responsibility they don't take it serious,as long as they are having fun with the other person may be a male or a female does not matter as the work is going on nobody to question when we are out we are on our own an...
This past Sunday saw the last publication of the News of the World newspaper in England. This Englishman will not be saddened by the passing of an institution of the gutter. The newspaper industry is likely to survive, although it will have to undergo change, from this moment forward.
Every village has one, the local gossip who can't wait to stir up trouble in the community....and is always on the look out for a new ear to bend...
Tiger Woods, Golf's greatest legend, becomes embroiled in a scandal of gargantuan proportions. Numerous text messages to his mistresses and wild nights of passion which were for so long a secret closely guarded by Tiger Woods, is now in full view of the world to see.
All over the world, November 19 is observed as World Child Sexual Abuse Day. The child sexual abuse is increasing all the more everyday. World is going on closing its eyes seeing all the abuses against children!
The Affair of The Diamond Necklace caused a sensation in pre revolutionary France. The Queen, Marie Antoinette, was unjustly pilloried over this scandal. Beware of the power of the lie.
police got shocked when they got complain the Justin Bieber is drinking in a local pub,after that they could not believe their eyes what have they seen..
Khole Kardashian like to keep it as a secret about her pregnancy rumor
Our justice system and prisons are becoming overloaded every day and with today’s economic conditions the lawyers advertise like a lion waiting for his next meal. All you have to do is turn on your television and you can find a law firm advertising for people to call their number fo...
Democracy has been around for centuries affecting everyone - from the young to the old, from the rich to the poor. Being voted for by the people carries with it a certain responsibility - political? Certainly. Financial? Yes. Moral? For sure. Flawed as they are, they are role models...
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