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Just a reminder to all to stay away from the one who broke my heart and shattered my dreams.
Fathom sphere spills out over the ocean, swirling winds, and storm reform where the modern cruise ship plunder the waters under camouflage veil, luxurious cruise liners Sail amidst the straights and blustery gale.
My work complete – I say my good-byes and am heaven bound..
The purpose of this page is to describe Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility type and the various health conditions that are involved. The purpose is to inform people about the disorder and give more detailed information for personal use and to raise awareness.
A Poem that I have had on my mind for a little while. Comments are open.
Perhaps the affliction allotment of ambidextrous with abscess is the scars left by the spots. These marks can be absolutely cruddy and dampen one's cocky admire clashing any other.
Every scar is a memory living, breathing in every remembrance, living each time you look at it
Discusses the effect of the sun on scars and the differences.
I was seized by a sudden flood of concepts and had to grab the nearest bit of scrap paper. The notes grew of their own accord into a rather interesting structure. It's lovely when months of writer's block are interspersed with occasional surges of inspiration. :) A bit of almost-Evane...
Hunger caused an indelible scar on my forehead! This is not an imaginary story. It is a cry from my heart! A real life experience!
This is the true account of a summer party in the mountains of Spain. Cocktail Man does exist, actually he is a very nice person, I just thought I'd write the events of the party down as we really found it mind boggling.
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